Stories of the Sea and Jazz are Intertwined in the Cooperation Between Archipelago Sea Jazz and John Nurminen Foundation


Archipelago Sea Jazz and the John Nurminen Foundation are launching their Baltic Sea cooperation in its fullest extent throughout summer jazz festivals of 2021. The John Nurminen Foundation will produce program and audiovisual content relating to sea culture and Baltic Sea protection. The aim of the cooperation is to collect donations which support the important work that John Nurminen Foundation is actively doing in securing the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage.

Top of the Bill Music in the Baltic Sea Atmosphere

Archipelago Sea Jazz is a new internationally alluring series of festivals, whose operations are guided by a strong environmental standpoint. Its values are built upon the unique appeal of the Baltic Sea and high-quality Jazz music. Archipelago Sea Jazz brings together four entities: two new festivals in Turku and Mariehamn (Turku Sea Jazz and Åland Sea Jazz), and two established Jazz festivals (Baltic Jazz and Korpo Sea Jazz) under the combined moniker of Archipelago Sea Jazz.

Sea Culture via Words and Tunes

John Nurminen Foundation will set its foot in Taalintehdas and the Ruissalo Boatyard to the Baltic Jazz and Turku Sea Jazz events.

The audience of the opening concert in Taalintehdas are in for a treat, as Ritva Kovalainen’s and Pekka Turunen’s book Meren maa – Havets Land will be drawn as an audiovisual tale. Archipelago Sea Jazz All Stars, led by Antti Sarpila, will improvise a polyphonic musical layer to the text.

Archipelago Sea Jazz, the John Nurminen Foundation and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association will arrange a mutual panel on the cultural and ecological heritage of the sea in conjunction with the sempiternal relationship that has existed between human beings and the sea. The conversation is a part of the free program and conversationists such as photographer and writer Raimo Sundelin, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association’s Executive Manager Aija Kaski and 17-year old environmental activist (and Turku Sea Jazz summer employee) Maia Majabacka will embark on topics including: do we actually understand the meaning of this globally unique archipelago? What kind of a sea and archipelago wildlife are we leaving for generations to come?

Information and Actions on Behalf of the Baltic Sea

We are extremely grateful and lucky that we can share information about the protection of the Baltic Sea and stories of the Sea in the different Archipelago Sea Jazz events”, says CEO Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt of the John Nurminen Foundation in joy. She believes that the Sea, which is marred by problems such as eutrophication, has hope. “By having supporters such as the Archipelago Sea Jazz we have some tailwind to further our goal-oriented work. We have seen that we can make the impossible possible, even in our lifetime.”

The audience of Archipelago Sea Jazz can support the Foundation’s Baltic Sea operations by making a voluntary donation whilst buying tickets to different concerts. The festival encourages to become a donor in various ways due to it being a simple and fast way to further the efforts on securing the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea and how its stories are passed on to future generations.

John Nurminen Foundation

Founded in 1992, the mission of the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage to future generations. The Foundation has been awarded for its work as a conveyor of culture and producer of marine content. The goal of the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects is to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea with concrete measures that reduce the load and environmental risks faced by the sea. Our work is guided by measurable results and impact.