Archipelago Sea Jazz is a series of four festivals, inviting you to enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the Baltic Sea archipelago with top class music

Get to know the festivals and pick your favourite – or visit them all!

Baltic Jazz 8.–10.7. Olli Soikkeli Quartet feat. Marian Petrescu ja Antti Sarpila Swing Band 40th Anniversary etc.
Korpo Sea Jazz 20.–24.7. Aki Rissanen Solo and OK:KO among others.
Turku Sea Jazz 27.–30.7. International stars John Scofield – Yankee Go Home (US) and Cyrille Aimée (FR/US).
Åland Sea Jazz 5.–6.8. Nordic virtuosity by i.a. Aili Ikonen.

Tickets are sold in Tiketti. You can support the John Nurminen Foundation when purchasing tickets at Tiketti.


Aland Sea Jazz

Archipelago Sea Jazz

Turku Sea Jazz

Baltic Jazz

Korpo Sea Jazz


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