Archipelago Sea Jazz – a collaboration to create the largest archipelago festival in the Baltic Sea region

Archipelago Sea Jazz on uusi kansainvälisesti houkutteleva tasokas festivaalisarja, joka rakentuu saaristomme ainutlaatuisen vetArchipelago Sea Jazz is a new, internationally appealing and ambitious festival series, built around the unique attraction of our archipelago and high-quality jazz music. It combines two new jazz festivals in Turku and Mariehamn with two well established festivals with a regular audience (Baltic Jazz and Korpo Sea Jazz) under the common name of Archipelago Sea Jazz. For six summer weeks, this festival series offers excellent jazz and an atmosphere that will leave an equally vivid memory as the music itself.

This cultural endeavour is a cooperation between four municipalities, spreading vitality and promoting international tourism in the Finnish Archipelago Sea area and Finland Proper.

Each festival in the series has an identity

The first festival in the series is the already well-established Baltic Jazz, taking place in the historical iron works village of Dalsbruk. The cosy, family friendly jazz festival offers a perfect blend of classical jazz, swing music and other types of jazz, bringing in both internationally renowned artists and local musicians.

Korpo Sea Jazz is a bold, modern and at times experimental jazz festival, hosting current, high profile Finnish performers. This intimate island festival invites you to leave the city far behind and experience the true rugged beauty of the archipelago, to get in touch with nature. A chance to enjoy both music and the sun! The masterful improviser and jazz singer Kadi Vija was invited as the artistic director for this summer’s edition.

Turku Sea Jazz will be the new and different city festival. It’s an invitation to enjoy internationally renowned jazz artists, high profile Finnish ensembles and unique world music performers in the historical surroundings of the Ruissalo dockyard. It’s young and hip and reaches toward the archipelago. It’s in Turku and reaches for the world.

Åland Sea Jazz is a Scandinavian style festival that takes place in the historical and still active maritime quarter in Mariehamn and on the museum ship Pommern. This boutique festival offers the best of Nordic jazz in a unique location. It’s intimate and atmospheric. Small, yet so big.

Revitalising the archipelago with international attractions

Finland needs more internationally attractive festivals. Our beloved archipelago and the Finnish Archipelago Sea region are still a diamond in the rough. The ideology behind Archipelago Sea Jazz is bringing out artistically outstanding content in a fresh way by utilising the entire unique Archipelago Sea region all the way to the outer islands.

- We believe that the new festival concept combined with the cooperation between culturemakers and municipalities will boost the brand of our archipelago as a unique, internationally attractive culture and tourism destination, articulates the man behind the idea for Archipelago Sea Jazz, Jussi Fredriksson.

This innovative festival concept will also highlight Finnish creative work. - Our goal for the future is to have the archipelago festival present great Finnish music to an international audience, media and promoters, thus promoting the international success of Finnish artists. As the festival grows, it will also support small businesses in the archipelago and increase the public sector’s agility to create growth. Through our own actions we wish to promote activities that develop infrastructure in the archipelago in support of small businesses in tourism.

Protecting the Baltic Sea is an important value to us

Environmentalism is an important aspect of the Archipelago Sea Jazz and will hopefully be of interest to many businesses and associations connected to the archipelago. We want to work with partners who share our values of protecting the Baltic Sea and the Finnish Archipelago Sea. The festival series and we as organisers wish to make culture services in the form of jazz music more easily accessible to everyone from local residents to tourists and summer residents in a sustainable way, according to our environmental values. This will be reflected as big choices and small deeds in all our events.

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