Hanna Ikonen develops Archipelago Sea Jazz


Hanna Ikonen has started working for Jazz City Turku in the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series. Her tasks include marketing management and event production.

Before this job Hanna has been in charge of various cultural productions in different parts of Finland, the latest being one of the internationally best known Finnish event brands, the Air Guitar World Championships. After moving back to Turku area she finds this new job motivating and meaningful.

“I leaped eagerly into this fascinating project. The Archipelago is unique and taking its delicate nature into account in all activities is natural for me thanks to the environment work I’ve done and a strong personal interest, Hanna describes. “I’m fluent in developing networks and keen to refining matters. I have been elsewhere long enough to be able to review things from a fresh perspective.” 

Archipelago Sea Jazz project develops the collaboration between four Baltic Sea archipelago jazz festivals: Baltic Jazz (8.-10. July), Korpo Sea Jazz (20.-24. July), Turku Sea Jazz (29.-30. July) ja Åland Sea Jazz (5.-6. August 2022). 

First Archipelago Sea Jazz program publications will be served shortly.
Ticket sales to the festivals start in February. You can support The John Nurminen Foundation when purchasing a ticket. More info coming.

(Photo: Lasse Lehto)