Archipelago Sea Jazz has started!


Baltic Jazz at Taalintehdas kickstarted the first ever Archipelago Sea Jazz concert series in a spectacular summer weather. Jazz will be enjoyed in an archipelago-oceanic setting during this summer in Korpo, Turku and Mariehamn, led by domestic and Scandinavian top-of-the-bill artists!

Archipelago Sea Jazz events can be finally enjoyed this summer – within the limits of some restrictions. The traditional Baltic Jazz opened the series of festivals with partly sold out concerts last weekend. In a program compiled by Antti Sarpila, domestic jazz experience was heard in the swinging milieu of Taalintehdas by artists such as Jukka PerkoJay Kortehisto and Ami Aspelund. Organizing the festival proceeded as planned, and the crowd was treated with the opportunity to hear live music after a long break.

Korpo Sea Jazz will continue the multi-festival series from 21st to 24th of July in the warm embrace of Archipelago. An ensemble of small concerts will be spread throughout the islands of Korpo, Nauvo, Houtskari and Aspö in the limelight of domestic current jazz greats such as Kaisa MäensivuMax Zenger and Kadi Vija, who also works as the artistic director of the festival this year. As a notable special treat, we shall point out the forest concert which will be held on the Friday of 23rd. This year on the barefoot art path, we will hear a duo concert by double bassists Ville Herrala and Antti Lötjönen.

The all-new Turku Sea Jazz will bring jazz music to the Ruissalo Dockyard in the last weekend of July. Some of soulful jazz’s hottest names will perform at Ruissalo, including a record release party by Nina Mya, as well as a concert by the recent Pori Jazz award-winning Tuomo. Highly anticipated concerts by Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen and Verneri Pohjola Quartet will be heard, as well as a dancefloor-torching concert by the masters of world music: the Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble. Additionally, Baltic Sea and its protection measures will be highlighted throughout the festival and its program by the John Nurminen Foundation and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association.

The concert series will be concluded by the first ever Åland Sea Jazz which will be held in the Sjökvarteret of Mariehamn and Alandica Culture & Congress Centre. Journey to the core of the charming small-scale festival will be led by Anni ElifJohanna GrüssnerManuel Dunkel Standards Trio and Jukka Perko PreBoppers. A house band compiled by local musicians will continue the evening with their jam-packed sessions!

From 8th of July onwards, Southwest Finland has receded to an acceleration phase. The organizers of Archipelago Sea Jazz take this seriously and will factor it in while organizing the events in various ways. Capacity of concerts has been diminished notably, the venues and their cleaning functions have been enhanced and multiple hand sanitizer units will be deployed to the festival areas. Use of masks is strongly recommended in indoor concerts and while queuing. Attendees are recommended to stick to their own entourages and to keep a safe distance to other concert attendees. Preventing further spread of the coronavirus is a joint effort by both organizers and attendees.

Let’s enjoy the Jazz summer and take care of each other!